Prayer; The Art Of Listening

Jerimiah 33:3 (NIV)
 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’
As a pastor, I am often asked, “Have you ever heard the voice of God?” to which I reply, “yes.” Quickly followed by,”And it sounds much like my wife’s voice.” 
 Most of us believe that God answers our prayers. A few years ago, Life Magazine published a survey which indicated that 94% of those who prayed regularly believed God had answered their prayers.
But, if we believe that prayers have such power, do we pray as often as we should? Or better still, this is the question we need to ask ourselves, do we listen as often as we should?

Before refrigerators, people used icehouses to preserve their food. Icehouses had thick walls, no windows, and a tightly fitted door. In winter, when streams and lakes were frozen, large blocks of ice were cut, hauled to the icehouses, and covered with sawdust. Often the ice would last well into the summer.One man lost a valuable watch while working in an icehouse. He searched diligently for it, carefully raking through the sawdust, but didn’t find it. His fellow workers also looked, but their efforts, too, proved futile.

A small boy who heard about the fruitless search slipped into the icehouse during the noon hour and soon emerged with the watch.
Amazed, the men asked him how he found it.
“I closed the door,” the boy replied, “lay down in the sawdust, and kept very still. Soon I heard the watch ticking.”

Often the question is not whether God is speaking, but whether we are being still enough, and quiet enough, to hear.

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